Can I charge AC2A with whole-house standby generator? / Transfer time

** We will be installing a (Generac) whole-house standby generator. I need a small ride-through UPS/EPS to keep some networking equipment working until the genset spins up (and to enable alarm reporting if the genset fails to spin up). Once the generator is running, the network equipment needs to continue functioning, possibly for many hours. Will the AC2A power the network equipment and (if necessary) charge the battery when running on generator power? The THD of the Generac is under 5%. Are there any gotchas lurking in this use case?

** Can anybody confirm that the transfer time is fast enough to keep electronic equipment (cable modem, Wi-Fi mesh node) running without rebooting when switching to battery power?

@ChuckD Is the output of your Generac generator pure sine wave and what is the output of the generator?

Sine wave with less than 5% THD. 21 kW output on natural gas. Three load-shedding devices if load approaches 21 kW.

@ChuckD A 21KW GENERAC generator has no problem powering the AC2A. But whether AC2A can carry your networking equipment stably needs to be confirmed, what model and router is it? Is it Starlink?

Cable modem and Wi-Fi mesh node. A very light load. The existing line-interactive UPS shows a draw of only 0.2 amps, 24 watts (calculated). (Line-interactive won’t work with a generator, of course, which is why I’m looking for a replacement but scaled more for ride-through until the genset spins up.)

Do you have a spec on transfer time more precise than “<20 ms.”?

My cable modem and router switch over without issue, I don’t know the ms but its very fast. I also tested it on a laptop without a battery and it switched over fine without even a flicker.

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@eric102 Thanks! I was hoping to get some real-world info.