Can AC 200P or AC200MAX Power an Incinerator Toilet?

Hello. Newbie here. I purchased an Incinolet incinerator toilet for a van conversion. The toilet is 120 volts, 2000 watts, 15.0 amps. It uses 1-1/2 to 2 kilowatts per cycle. My question is two parts: 1) can either of the above Bluetti models, fully charged, support operating the toilet for a cycle, provided no other appliance is in use? 2) If so, is it possible to utilize the Bluetti when the toilet is not operating a burn cycle? (I am not a techie person, just a little old lady looking to escape retirement boredom.)

Thanks much for replies and suggestions.

I would use the AC200Max and get a battery if I plan on using it twice on the same day !

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Thanks much. I was thinking along the line of getting the 200max, although I was unrealistically hoping to buy the cheaper of the two.

It would depend on the maximum cycle time of the toilet and what the overload point is of the Bluetti. The former should be easily determined, the latter may prove more difficult to dig up.

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Cheaper is not always better, the AC200Max has Bluetooth so you will know when your toilet is ready for you again.

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Hi @Mollieblue , welcome to BLUETTI community.
Thank you for your question. If we could know the specific parameters of your incinerator toilet (including the maximum power at start-up) it would be faster to identify which model is more suitable for your use.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m researching that info and may need to contact the manufacturer. Will get back to you.

According to the president at Incinolet, there is no power surge, just need the 2000w which burns for 75 minutes. A blower, at 100 cfm, does start the process before the heater starts, however. He did not address that. I hope it’s safe to say this is insignificant. The toilet does require a 20 amp plug, headed by a 20 amp circuit breaker.

Does this info along with what I had provided in my question help in determining the most appropriate Bluetti model? Thanks again for your response.

Thought the attached info from the manual may also help:

Hi @Mollieblue , Thank you for the information on the toilet parameters. Based on the above information, we would recommend you to purchase AC200MAX because

  1. it has a capacity of 2,200W 2,048Wh (a bit more power than the incinerating toilet, which is more suitable for your needs)
  2. it has modular function. With the B230 expansion battery, you can add up to 8,192Wh. With the expansion battery, in addition to powering the incinerator toilet, you can also power other devices in your van, making it more convenient.

Hope it will help :blush:

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