Can a stand alone B230 run an 800 watt inverter?

Is it possible to use a stand alone B230 battery to run an 800 Watt Inverter.
B230 battery - to Cigarette lighter plug - to battery clamp connectors - to 800 Watt inverter - to appliances.
I was thinking to take my B230 battery camping to run appliances in my trailer through an inverter. There is a Cigarette lighter port cable available DC5521 for router, camera, laptop, mini fridge, etc. Sounds like it will not give enough power to run an inverter.
Thanks for any advice

No way, I run a 200 watt inverter WAGAN inverter and sometimes it fails too.

Thanks, as I expected

AC200MAX will manage this but if you have a continuous draw of 800W you are only going to get about 2 hours.

Now if you can bring in 800W of solar at the same time then it will be somewhat balanced.

Thanks Matthew. I do intend to use solar to keep the battery charged up and only use the inverter occasionally for small appliances. I am concerned for the small gauge wires that come with most Cigarette plugs. Normally heavy battery cable wire is recommended to use from the battery to the inverter. Any thoughts on this.
Thanks again

The AC200MAX comes with a built in inverter that will give up to 2200W. So no need for a separate inverter.