Calculating Amp Load

If the continuous amperage output limit is 25 amps for the AC300, in determining how many devices it is limited to, you simply add up their respective Amp consumption.

However, in the case of a refrigerator, for example, which consumes about 5 amps on a continuous basis, but surges up to about 15 amps (or more) when the compressor turns on, do I assume 15 continuous amps or 5 amps for my calculations of how many other devices I can plug into the AC300? For example, if I need to use the 15 amp figure, then I only have 10 amps left for other devices!

I believe the inverter on the AC300 has a surge capacity of 6000 watts, or 50 amps. BUT FOR HOW LONG?

@jtdavis good question. I always plan for the worse in my applications to be honest, so I’d “set aside” the full 15a for that unit. (Which does seam pretty high!) but as far as the limit/time frame for additional surges, let me reach out to Bluetti and see what they say. That would be good info to know! I’ll report back what I find out and let ya know.

About one tenth of a second.

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@jtdavis so as I figured, the surge ratings for so-gens are there to show the possible max figures the units can peak at, but it’s literally like milliseconds, and will trigger the over-limit protections if any longer.

Like @k9base linked, I would highly recommend getting a kill-a-watt meter to see what exactly your appliances are pulling.

And if your fridge is ramping up to over 15a, you could look into installing a “soft-start” to the unit which is fairly easy, or look into getting a more efficient danfoss/secop equipped unit that you’ll have better luck with. I picked up a iceco jp50 fridge/freezer (paid only like $325 with HOBOTECH’s coupon code) for my camper setup and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Sips juice (like 60w compressor peaks!) and was able to run it off my eb70 last week up in the U.P for our entire stay! Blew me away honestly. :metal:

funny thing—when i bought mine a long time ago it was $12 ON AMAZON delivered-still :dart: works

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Hell yea!! Great deal!! @k9base