Cables for AC300/B300 Set-up

Bought the AC300/B300 plus one more B300. Where can one purchase the cable that connects the two batteries together and the other cable that connects them to the AC300 itself? Cannot find them on Bluetti’s site.

The manual says the cable comes with the battery. Looks like you only need to plug it into the AC300 or the other battery, but not both.

Where can I read the user manual or guide? I wish to read it before ordering it for my home.

At the Bluettipower web site.

A person needs to connect the B300 to the AC300 via a cable. If you have a second B300, then a second cable is needed to plug the batteries together. If you have a third B300, you need a third cable, and so on.

Yep, each battery comes with the cable you need.