CABLES BLUETTI Generador Electrico Solar AC200MAX

I bought a Bluetti AC200MAX and and now I need to buy a cable , here you find a link with picture

Where I can buy this cable?

European sales. Which contry do you order from?

Thank you but it’s not this cable because if you can see my picture it’s a female and 12/25A Aviation Plug it’s male. The last week I bought it in Amazon and unfortunatelly I saw that it was wrong .

Ok ! . I’m from Spain. Thank you very much

For 200P or 200max? The aviation plugs seem to be different. The last one is for the p. Search for female aviation plug xt90 .

For bluetti AC200 MAX

I’ve found this:
Do you think it will work?

I’m not sure because Iwas told the size of the aviation plug has changed from 200p to 200max. And this cable is explicitly made for the 200p

so, where could buy it? I need it urgently

from Bluetti website.