Cable Hook up for ac30

Hey All!

Just got my solar panel on Sunday, and finally we have SUN today.

I want to hook my YELLOW AC30, to the panel, but not sure about the positive and negative wires work.

Do I hook the positive to the positive? Or is it supposed to be positive to negative?

If you are referring to a single panel, connect the MC4 connectors from the solar panel to the MC4 connectors that are on the MC4 to 8mm male charging cable you bought. It will only snap together one way. Male to female. Since there is no way of knowing the panel and cable detail I would then check the polarity coming out of the 8mm male barel plug from the MC4 cable and verify that the positive conductor is the inner portion and the negative conductor is the outer portion of the barrel plug. Or if you are feeling lucky and confident in your panel and cable choices (bluetti ?) then just plug it into the AC30 and see if the charging begins.

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Oh you are right, that’s silly. They only fit one way.

Thanks again for the confidence to look at it again. My lovely Yellow AC30 is charging in the afternoon sun. Beautiful!

Well, the Bluetti is out of the sun, but the panel is.

I love this! Thanks again!

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Glad to see you are up and running. Enjoy!