Bypass Output-D

How do I prevent constant switching between Bypass Output-D and Inverter Bypass on AC300?
It only happens when the coffee maker is switched on with approx 1300W draw and the batteries charged to the required level (80% Custzomized UPS).
Thank you.

Hi @Franta , Are you trying to be more energy efficient?
You can set the interval between SOC high and SOC low to be larger.

Hey. Hey.
Thank you for responding.
What exactly do you mean by a larger interval?
How does this relate to the fact that the constant switching between Bypass Output-D and Inverter Bypass only happens when the battery is charged to the set SOC high limit. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100%, 90%or 80%.
My SOC low is 20% and my SOC high is 80%.
This is in my experience the best setting for long battery life.

Hi @Franta , Can you check if the charging current*set voltage is less than the load power 1300w?
Or can you take a video showing BYPASS OUTPUT-D, and a video of INVERTER BYPASS?
Thank you in advance for your confirmation and cooperation

Hi Bluetti Admin.
I am sending you the requested video.
The voltage is set to 230V and the input current to 10A, which is 2300W.
As you can see, there is a maximum of 1207W at the output when the coffee machine is on. The batteries are at 80% (high SOC max limit set) and are not charging.
Thank you.

How can I send you the video file?
Thank you.

Here is a link to the video on YouTube…

Hi @Franta , Thank you for the video and your reconfirmation.
Can you please share your machine S/N code? (located at the bottom of the machine) so that the technical engineer can push a software to you for optimization.
Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation.

I have a total of two AC300s that behave the same way.
Do you have any other secure channel to tell you the SN of my two AC300s?
I don’t want this SN to be publicly available and potentially misused.
Thank you.

Hi @Franta , Please provide us with the SN codes of the two machines separately.
You can send it to us by private message like below.