Buying the AC charging cable for the Split Phase installation

I ordered the AC300 bundle with split phase 240 VAC for my home last month. As I was reading the AC300 manual, I see the there is a special charging cable for the split phase operation (page 6, item 14), where a single L14-30 plug is wired to two cables for the ACP1 ports of the two AC300 units. I have entered the Bluetti Power accessories page and it is not present. How do I order this cable for my system (order BLUETTII 7273)? I know that I can try to build it myself but I prefer to have your certified and authorized cable for this system.

On the same page 6, there is item 15 which is a USB-C to USB-C cable rated for 100 watts. What is the price and ordering information?

Hey @Raymondjram i would shoot an email to and ask about when/where these cables will be available. The propriety ones would probably be easier/cheaper to buy direct from them but I’m sure you can find a high quality 100w data usb-c to usb-c cable on Amazon??

They just posted an update about the shipping times for available accessories yesterday on the Facebook page. Here’s a link to the highres pdf file…

Thanks for the info. Interesting that it shows the shipping date for the T500AC adapter at the end of October and a delivery date of mid November. I ordered one yesterday and received my tracking number today saying its on the way.

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Thank you for the information. I wrote the same message to and I am waiting for the reply.

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Have you received a reply yet? I have same setup as you and I need the L14-30 plug.

No, they have not replied. I am waiting for the delivery of my order, then I will see if I can build this cable myself.

I was also thinking of building my own. The one connecting to the wall outlet is a standard connector. The end plugging in to the AC300 is the one I need to find. Mouser has a few that look similar. I just need to get my AC300 to see what the connector measurements are. I could cut the wall connector off of the AC charging cable that comes with it and combine two 120V cables into one 240V cable. I think my AC300s are on the way. I got a txt message that my order has shipped. It’s probably just the AC300s, not the batteries.

My complete order arrived at my transport carrier today, so I expect it to arrive at my home by Friday. I need to see how the P0030A Fusion Box is wired because the AC300 that will be assigned as the “Master” for the split phase operation should be wired to the L1 contact at the L14-30R outlet, and the second AC300 to the L2 contact, so the input 240 VAC cable must be wired for the same phasing. The wiring itself is simple for me, having done 120 VAC electrical wiring since 1968 at my parents home. I have all the needed tools so I only need the materials. I will post again here after it is completed.