Build a tower from b300's

I have 4 pieces b300 with an ac300. How many batteries can I stack on top of each other?

I built a fancy tower from these components(ac300 at the top), but is it safety for long term? What is the carrying capacity of these batteries?

Hi @SimonTower ,
Please don’t worry, one AC300 can carry 4 B300s.
There is no problem to put the B300 battery in the lower part and the AC300 in the top.
As for the fancy tower you mentioned, what kind of fancy tower are you referring to specifically? Do you have a photo for me? Thanks!

Thanks for the respond. The 4 B300 and an AC300 on top of each other IS a “fancy tower” itself. Around 150cm height and all of these leds…its a dream of a geek:D