Bugs in 1st gen ac300/ac200 maybe?

?anybody hinkie about ac 300 max/ ac 200 max having 1st gen problems like ac200?

NO bugs! NO worries!

Let’s hope I just got ac200p…its good for what I need.Anything gen 1 can be glitchy

Huh. I have the AC200, the AC200P, the AC30 (x3), the AC50s (x2), the EB70 (x2)…nothing’s glitchy. They all work like a charm. Getting the EB55 this week or next. And I’m not going to miss out on the special pricing for the AC200Max, since only 500 units are being released at that price. Hobotech’s review is coming out in a few weeks. Maybe hold off on your baseless speculation til then. :roll_eyes:

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I got one of the first AC200s and no bugs with mine.

well any product can and have glitches in 1st gen…they are ironed out and or upgraded ,
this is what i was thinking=Bluetti has exceptional products and i own a ac200p and=

I have the AC200 and AC200P both when the y first came out and have had no problems so far!

Will Prouse was basing that on anecdotal evidence. He did not have any problems with his. He later had a meltdown over this, because he was hammered for it. 99.9% of issues with Bluetti (and probably other sogens as well) is due to user error.

anecdotal evidence

Hi. I had my ac200p go dead after intermittent use and it would not accept a charge from any source. Bluetti is in the process of replacing it and for that i am grateful. But like you say most trouble is due to improper use. I would like to know what i did so as not to repeat the mistake. I thought that this bluetti was sort of fail proof for those of us without an electrical degree . Maybe an actual instruction video as a opposed to reviews would help

Sorry, I haven’t been on here for awhile. I assume you got a replacement, but curious how you were charging it, especially if with solar, and how you were using it, what you were plugging in, etc.

Hi SoulGen, I had two 100 watt panels in series connected on my converted trailer. W
e went out camping for a couple of days and used the shore power because we used the air conditioning unit . Did not use the Ac200p for anything other than to try it out. I am really not very into how this all works and that is why I purchased this all in one unit. A couple of weeks later, after sitting at home, I turn it on and get almost nothing , a screen for maybe 2 or 3 seconds and then nothing. i can’t even check my settings and therefore do not know what went wrong and if I will have the same thing happen again. I am a little reluctant to use the new one and have not been out since.

@frettyboy hey Fred, you need to press and hold the ac200 power button for like 5 seconds to completely shut off the unit. If you quick press it, it kind of goes into a standby mode. I’ve had my AC200 off, stored at 79% since July and turned it on last night and it was still holding at 79%. :metal: