Buetti 2000W wrong percentige

Lots of problems with the bluetti 2000Wh

It does not show the correct percentage .

Everyday i use it for about 15 to 45 min . coffee machine , laptop , fridge etc .

It then shows about 95 procent .

Then i shut it completely off . The next day it says 100 procent again .

It continues to do so until one day it jumps to 14 procent or so . From 89 to 14 procent just by putting it on .

Also during charging it did not work correctly
From 60 procent in one second to full and it stoped charging … So somethings going wrong .

I living in my Van and need it for my job … to bad….

When you turn the AC200 off, are you pressing the off button longer than 2 seconds to ensure that it is shut off and not in standby: Below is the operation of the on and off button just to make sure:

3. Startup and shutdown operation
(1) Start up: short press the power button, the indicator light is on, and the machine is in
standby mode.
(2) Shutdown: press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds, and the indicator
light will be off and the machine shut off.

Secondly you mention the the percentage goes up but do not mention the method you are using to recharge. How are you recharging the AC200 in detail.

I would suggest first holding down the power button for a full 10 seconds and then re-start. If no difference is noted, fully charge the AC200 and when it gets to 100%, apply a load and discharge it all the way to 10%. Recharge the AC200 to 100% again and see if it operates normally as expected.

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Hey , thanks for your help . i will try re start . I m charging it via AC , and funny enough then it says 100 procent but it keeps charging for half an hour . And I get the jump problem if I charge with the solar Panels in pair 400 W and correct voltage as suggested on the site …Even bought them with the generator as combo . I m from europe so it is an european version .

I just noticed that my ac200p has the same problem. I had used it down to about 90% and left it off for a few days. I powered it on today and it showed 100%. Is there any Bluetti admin here to explain this behavior? TIA.