Budget portable solar panel suggestions for eb3a?

I would like to find budget portable solar panels for eb3a…any suggestions.

@Jazzy Would mind telling me your budget and how long you expect PV full charge the EB3A. It is a perfect combo of PV68 and EB3A.

The pv68 is pretty expensive for 68w. This is the reason Im looking for offbrand portable panels.

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@Jazzy It totally works but please notice that keep the open circuit voltage is in the EB3A input range (12v - 28v)

Thankyou for helping me.
It says open circuit is 21.6v so i guess im good?

@Jazzy Yesir! please let me know if you have further questions

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You can use any solar panel that has an Voc of less than 28V, may need some adapters but almost anything will work. For max power potential, look for Voc of 24-28v.