Hi, I’m thinking of buying a AC300+B300 as power back up and to offset power usage. (ex plug in heater when temp falls low enough that heat pump needs a boost) .

Can anyone tell me how many panels are needed to charge the system? Can u point out any obvious potential pitfalls? Can you point me to a good introductory article to read before i make the purchase?

Thank you

It really depends how fast you want to charge and what devices you will have connected draining power at the time. The key is to stay within the voltage and current input specs for the Ac200max. We use two 200w Renogy eclipse suitcases due to space and get about 500w in good sunlight. A more permanent setup could use more powerful full size panels.

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AC300+B300 support 2400W Max solar input. You can add solar panels for PV charging according to your needs. For operational guidance, please refer to the following video instruction page.

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