Brand new AC200MAX drops to 0 percent abruptly and does not work anymore. Pls help

Hello, I just got my Bluetti ACMAX200 very recently and started to test it with my Alpicool 12V refrigerator at home. The AC output was never turned on. The first 3 days went very well. While the battery is around 70%, it abruptly drops to 0 percent and Bluetooth connection with my iPhone was lost and thus I noticed the problem. I tried to charge the battery from the wall outlet at home, it still says 0 percent even with around 400w charging input. I cannot use the battery anymore.

SN: 2323000299692
DSP: 4005.07
ARM: 4030.16
BMS: 1017.03
HMI: 6023.12

This is very frustrating. I cannot believe such an expensive product only works for 3 days and become dead.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Very appreciated!

Some update on this problem: I was later on able to charge the battery from 0% to ~70% roughly normally (25% per hour or so) and then the SOC reading abruptly jumped to 100% in about 20 minutes and charging was then stopped (i am pretty much sure the 100% reading was flatly wrong). I then discharged it a bit and was able to charge the battery again. The SOC was hanging at 99% for nearly 2 hours to reach 100% with charging input ~470w/h (the math does not add up at all). The total charging hours look normal around 4h with regular wall outlet. SOC reading was too much off and completely unreliable. I am instructed by the service department of Bluetti to do full discharging and recharging 2-3 times for “calibration”. The question is: why doesn’t the company complete calibration before products are shipped out to customers if this indeed is the problem?

Finger crossed.

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@ric333 For battery products, it is suggested to do a full cycle of charge and discharge when you first start using it to calibrate the battery capacity.

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Hi @ric333

in addition to @BLUETTI_CARE answer, you might also check if there are any firmware updates available now. If its dont getting better after one full cycle, you should do a second one. Most of the calibration issues will go away after this.



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Update on this case (9/13/2023). In two consecutive discharging/recharging tests, the AC200MAX acted the same: It got charged to ~65% normally with 25% per hour and then the SOC abruptly jumped to 99% in ~25minutes and it then got charged at SOC of 99% with 470w/h rate for another 2.5 hours to reach 100%. The total charging time seemed normal at ~4.5h by standard wall outlet. I documented the tests and declared that this unit is defective. Bluetti did not dispute my claim and sent me pre-paid Fedex label for return with ease. I was lucky to keep all original package.

My first experience with Bluetti is unfortunately failed. I bought the battery at a summer sale and waited more than a month for shipping due to backlog. When the battery finally arrived, it did not work.

Bluetti, pls increase your quality assurance process. A malfunction unit is bad for both customers and Bluetti itself. I am sure the shipping costs for such a heavy battery is expensive (round trip!). And I had to spend many hours testing and doing documentation to prove the unit is defective. Additionally, I am lucky to have a wrestler teenager son to help me sending back this heavy item to Fedex. Without help from a strong 2nd person, it is going to be difficult for most people to move the heavy item from home with sealed box without any handle to a mailing facility.

Pls be responsible.

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@ric333 Sorry for bringing you a bad purchasing experience. We will make improvements in this area and hope to do better in the near future.