Brand new AC180 continues charging for hours even though 99% state of charge

It seemed to charge quickly up to 99%, but once there, it has continued charging for hours, drawing around 290w. This makes no sense. Is this just a first-use calibration? Or is the state of charge circuitry broken or useless or what?

Same thing happened with me. It gets much better over time. However, I usually get around 800 watts when it hits 99. Check your grid enhancement is on. And I have turbo mode set always on when connected to grid so maybe that helps. I remember experiencing issues when the grid enhancement was off and I had eco mode grid charging. Good luck!

Hi I have an AC200 Max with a similar problem sitting at 99% with just over 460 Watts input and 40 watts output. Left it on grid input for 30 minutes monitoring AC input which was 500 Watt so the unit is consuming power.
How do I turn on Grid Enhancement?

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Hi @neverdie @rbecker28 @j2311

new batterys needs to be calibratet most times. Please do atleast one full battery cyvle → means charge it to 100% until there isnt any input anymore and discharge it, if possible with a continuous load, until the unit shuts itself off. Please recharge the unit again with AC until its reached again 100%.

Hope this fixes your problems with incorrect SoC.


Hi Erik after reading through. That is what I intend to try. I use the AC200 max as a kind of UPS. The internet router, cable tv box, Synology NAS and a few other piece of network equipment. all run on 12vdc. I take the dc output through a 12vdc regulator. I also need a 48vdc to power POE. I also fed a 12 to 48Vdc buck convertor. Load is from 41 to 43 watts. I run it until complete flat, then recharge. With the solar panels disconnected.

Thanks for the reply


Hi carried out full discharge on the DC output at 45 watts.
Disconnect solar panels
Started charge to 100%

Shutdown reconnect Solar panels started.
I use the AC200 max to supply network equipment router, cctv etc
Switch on AC grid for a couple hours after 20:00 hrs
After 45 mins came to 100% and AC grid input 0%

Thanks for the info, looking good so far

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