#BLUETTIXMAS2023 - Santa, I promise that I've been nice! :)

**Not sure why this didnt cross-post last week, so please forgive me! haha

For Christmas this year, I’m hoping that santa and rudolf bring us into 2024 with some of the different color options that @BLUETTI use to offer! !:heart_eyes:

A revamped ac180(s?) model would be stellar to see featuring dual xt60 mppt solar inputs, a couple 5521 barrel plugs, a 12v/30a DC output, dual expansion ports for adding capacity on demand, and the addition of a wireless charger on top (to keep my hot cocoa warm)

Come on Santa! Lets make this happen!🎅

UPDATE-----Santa must have missed my memo too… because although he completely devoured all the darn cookies and milk, he forgot to leave me my “revamped ac180S” unit… :rofl:

Dont worry @BLUETTI… my fingers are crossed and I still have faith and believe in you at least! lol :crossed_fingers: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crossed_fingers:

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@m.briney Great idea! :raised_hands:
Hopefully one day BLUETTI will release this ‘Christmas Limited AC180 Superior Version’. :joy: :joy:

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haha I think that would be soo cool!