#BLUETTIXMAS2023 - BLUETTI Hoodie is here!

Hey everyone!

Today my Hoodie from the Christmas Contest arrived. Its a bit large, but i really like the print on it :slight_smile:

What you guys think about it? Are your prizes already there?



Ich würde damit nicht rumlaufen…Geschmackssache halt.:man_shrugging:

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Maybe Erik will get a battery every month if he wears it day and night :joy::joy::joy::hugs:

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That would be kinda awesome xD

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Na ja, um damit wirklich auf der Straße zu laufen, passt er mir leider zu schlecht. Aber rein von der Optik finde ich ihn schon ganz nett.

Nur Mut Erik!
Hauptsache er gibt warm :-)
Ist doch nur Spaß - hoffe Du bist nicht sauer.
Grüße Marcus

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Mine isn’t here yet but expect soon. Looks nice.

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@Selfmadestrom Thank you for sharing the prize!
Our logistics department has been arranging the other Christmas prizes one after another. If you feel that the hoodie are not a perfect fit, it’s also good to keep them for collection.

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Thats for sure! It will take a nice little place in my collection. Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s arrived thanks you Bluetti.