#BLUETTIThanksgiving2023 - Winners Announcements🎉

We were overwhelmed by the incredible response we received for the #BLUETTIThanksgiving2023 Recipe Sharing Contest. After careful consideration, we are thrilled to announce the winners who have won exciting prizes!

:fire: AC200L Winner: Congratulations to @amandine !
Get ready for a reliable and portable power solution AC200L, which will enhance your outdoor adventures.

:fire: PV220 Solar Panel Winners: Congratulations to @Chrissie & @Koumkouat !
Power up your devices with sustainable solar energy and enjoy the freedom of being off-grid.

:money_with_wings: 1500 BLUETTI BUCKS Winners: Congratulations to @Derceto @Selfmadestrom @_Traveldiva2 @Xavier
Since all the participants’ works are highly appreciated by BLUETTI team, we decided to increase the BLUETTI Bucks from 1000 to 1500. :raised_hands:

:bookmark: For AC200L and solar panel winners, please inform me of your shipping information (including your full name, phone number, email address, and detailed shipping address) via private message within 7 days.
For BLUETTI Bucks winners, I will notify relevant department to add 1500 Bucks to your BLUETTI official website account within 5 working days.

:heart:A big round of applause to all the participants for their creativity, dedication, and culinary skills. We were truly inspired by the variety and quality of recipes shared during the contest.

:boom:Stay tuned for more exciting contests, giveaways, and events in the future. Remember to follow our BLUETTI forum page and turn on notifications so you never miss out on the latest updates.


Oh goodness!
The whole family is so happily surprised with the news! Thank you so much @Bluetti :blue_heart: we really start to grow fond of solar power and I know for sure we have some plans involving the new van and this wonderful surprise!


Congratulations! enjoy it!


Congratulations to all Winners! Enjoy your Prizes!


Thank you so much! Congratulations to the other players too!


Nice, congrats to the winners! Thanks for the bucks @BLUETTI :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! We’ll be so delighted to test it, and see how well it can fuel our off-grid adventures!


Congrats everyone!! :slight_smile:

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hi thanks - what exactly can we do with bluetti bucks?

Brand enthusiasts can redeem gifts in the “explore > lifestyle” part of the website, assuming you’re from EU:

Already got some things from there^^ The Fridge, Multimeter, camping lamp and Protector Power Strip. Kinda sad that the hoodie or the shirts arent available in M. The DE Store only have kids sizes and 2XL

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Aha same here, can’t help but eyeball those collectors :laughing: fridge is the ultimate Bluetti enthusiast’s desk companion (next to espresso machine… @BLUETTI there should be some merch to cover that area pleaase)
Hoodie’s fabric is a little light, and in spite of being slender (180cm / 68kg), I still had to take the XL size. Ball cap is awesome, and so is tshirt in my exp.
How good is the multimeter? I kinda hesitate between that, and the vacuum cleaner TBH :smile:

Oh really? Im about the same height and weight. Maybe the Hoodie or the Shirt is my next choice then.

To be honest, since the weather is just bad and i didnt have any use for the multimeter since i own it… i really cant say. But it is kinda tiny, perfect for transport in a back^^. If you have enough points, i would say its a decent choice.

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Congratulations everyone!! :star_struck: :tada: