I love the idea of removable batteries. I am totally new to Bluetti and portable power beyond my small 20000 mAh power banks and rechargeable devices and batteries/chargers AA/AAA/14500,18650 and chargers. I hope you provide a separate charger for the batteries to reduce their weight per battery. As well, if not already there, it should be a smart charger that can be set to optimal charging for the chemistry in each system.

I bought mine from a retired CEO who got it as a gift and has his own larger home solar and battery system. So he sold it sealed in the box to me. I just registered it and called Bluetti and talked to Alex at customer service. Unlike some other companies that do accept warranty items received as a gift, Bluetti will not repair without a receipt which I do not have and just bought it sealed in the box. I was told there is no warranty on their products without a receipt. Today companies can report stolen merchandise and the company can blacklist stolen Items. If you give these as a gift make sure you gift the receipt too. Electronics can be defective. So do not buy one from anyone who received it as a gift in reality despite it being legally obtained.Stores can report the serial numbers of missing merchandise as it should be in today’s world.

I am a disabled vet and have issues with arthritis in my hands and the handle on my little EB3A is almost impossible to open without prying with a tool. I would make sure all your device handles are easy to use on that model line too.

All the units need to use a standard car to 12volt input connectors like their power cable which is the same as a computer cable. Makes or no emergency if a cable is lost or chewed with no time for mail order. I will be checking if I have an adapter or cable that fits it. I am a retired electronics and IT type and will be testing this guy for output on A/C, USB A and C, with my Ammeter and multimeters before using just to be safe.

I went to the play store and the reviews on the App are less than stellar. Apparently like the website where finding a new topic button is not easy the UI is not intuitive. I would suggest you pay some folks or furnish them with a freebie unit in return for comprehensive feedback from at least one computer illiterate, one average user, and one experienced tech. See what parts of the products, the app/s, updates, and use could be clearer.

I drive a Tesla and will be replacing my wife’s Forester with another and we will be going with two Powerwalls and solar as well. It took me a while to figure out that you need to press the DC power button until the “.DC” lights up in the display. Then move your phone around the top until you find the "“Sweet Spot” for charging your phone on it. I marked mine which you can see in the pics.As well I saw many folks that said they could not get it to work. Once it was turned on nothing then I pressed the DC power button and when it lit up on the second press I positioned the phone in the case and it took about ten seconds to start charging and showing on the screen. Then I moved it a tiny bit until I found the best output, The most I got was 13watts according to the screen. My Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro both charge fine with it.

I can only comment on what I have used and extrapolate that to your new lines. Hope that helps.

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I apologize for the late reply. Thank you for your detailed description and sincere suggestions for BLUETTI. I will provide all of this feedback to the relevant department for further improvement of our services.