#BLUETTISwapSolar What I hope to do with it

My 3 daughters are getting old enough that we are going to start taking them camping. We have our first trip planned for May so I can’t wait to see how they like it.

I’ve been shopping for a 12v fridge for a while now but none have quite met my needs. Things like a Dometic or Iceco are great for more permanent installations in an overlanding vehicle but I wanted a fridge that would be good for camping, overlanding and to have something to roll out to the soccer field during games or a day at the beach. This is only the second 12v fridge I’ve seen that has its own battery and can be connected to solar panels. What sets this one apart is the battery that is compatible with a portable solar generator.

Does anyone know if compartment that is used to make ice can be used as a small freezer instead? It seems like it'd be a waste of space that could be used to cool food/drinks if you don't need the ice.

Suggestions/Ideas (Perhaps in future versions)
  1. Mounting options (tie down points, mounting holes/brackets/fridge slide)
  2. Dual zone - Instead of having to choose between fridge or freezer, allow to choose either or both across two zones.
  3. Allow ice compartment to be used as a freezer when you don’t need ice. The volume of the overall capacity used for the ice maker really reduces storage for food/drinks for a 12v refrigerator this size. For overlanders, space is at a premium.

Hi @chairborne33

Thanks for your suggestion!

Hi Aaron, thank you for your input! Based on your question: The ice-making area cannot be used as a freezer because the cooling in the ice-making area relies entirely on the metal for making ice to cool down; it doesn’t have its own cooling function like the refrigerator compartment.
And based on your first suggestion, SwapSolar is equipped.