#bluettiswapsolar My little wish list

Thanks already for all the new stuff :heart_eyes: I love the idea of ​​SwapSolar and MultiCooler, honestly the best 3 in 1 :heart_eyes: (Lots of ice cubes for summer Mojitos :heart_eyes:) Afterwards I would like a folding electric bike :bike: (saving space in the vehicle :grin:) A coffee maker with integrated coffee grinder (Me and coffee are sacred :grin:) A Bluetooth speaker with light to liven up the evenings :notes::bulb: A set of electric hobs and oven to prepare small meals :shallow_pan_of_food: Heating for winter evenings And why not an aquarium :fish: which could be equipped with SwapSolar :heart_eyes: A system to recharge our batteries in winter like a wind turbine would really be a plus. So here is my little wish list :heart_eyes::grin: Thank you for all the new features that make us dream and can’t wait to discover what’s next :heart_eyes:

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@Angelique Thanks for the input and your wish list is quite long! :joy: :joy:


with this little list :smiling_face::sweat_smile: we are ready to go on vacation :blush: