#BLUETTISwapSolar - Introducing the Bluetti Swap Mod!


The new Bluetti Swap Solar series and the whole idea of having hot-swappable batteries is super exciting and something a lot of us have been hoping to see for a long time! Being able to have battery packs that can be paired and utilized in different form-factors and use cases is an absolute game changer. I am beyond stoked to see where this leads and what new products Bluetti will bring to the table that can be utilized in this same manner.

There has been some incredible suggestions/ideas rolling in from users around the world and I thought I would toss another one to the table.

Introducing the new Bluetti Swap Mod.

Essentially an add-on module that will attach to the end of the existing 716.8wH battery pack that allows the battery to be used in use-cases where the user needs nothing but super-efficient DC power in a clean form factor. Able to be charged directly by the sun with its built-in 200w mppt charge controller, and able to output up to 30amps of regulated 12v power, to keep all those DC appliances powered up when on the road.

Connect the high-amp output directly to your van/rv’s 12v fuse block or use the included cigarette plug, 5521 barrel plug or even the 100w PD usbc output to charge & run your everyday devices. The choice is yours. And since there is no on-board inverter or other fancy shmancy tech… this minimalistic device will bring efficiency numbers that provide you with what matters most. Simple clean power.

The bottom of the module features 4 rubber feet that can elevate the battery off the ground, but in the end… the orientation choice is yours… as all the connector plugs have been updated to provide a ip65 rated experience that will keep the unit safe from the dusty elements you encounter in your travels.


  • 1 x 12V/10A Ciggy Plug
  • 1 x 12V/10A DC 5521 Barrel Plug
  • 1 x PD USBC 100W Max
  • 1 x 12V/30A RV Outlet
    (All Regulated)

Input (XT60PM-M):

  • via Solar/PV: 12V-28VDC, 10A, 200W Max
  • via DC/Car: 12/24V, 200W Max

Thats a really well written post! Thanks for sharing with us! @m.briney

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I think I might be finally getting this whole coding/scripting thing down with this forum! :rofl: So thank YOU Erik for helping me out with that! lol

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@m.briney Making several ports on the battery pack??!
Great idea! But I guess it’s also a great challenge for BLUETTI LOL :joy: :joy:
Thanks for the entry, Mike :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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Ehhh I think it’d be simpler and easier to design and pull off then one might think! Its essentially just a module that would attach to the end that is currently connecting to the MultiCooler/AC180T. That would include a built in 200w mppt charge controller, and a couple small regulated buck converters (step-down converters) that’d allow for direct and efficient DC outputs from the existing bms/lifepo4 cells, without the need for a big power station or all the other bells and whistles. :slight_smile:

I currently use something similar which gave me the idea, from a company called Dr. Prepare and what they call their “PowerMax Hub”.

You can check out their product for reference here..

Their module is less powerful then the specs I would LOVE to see in this “Bluetti Swap Mod”… but also is available in a much smaller footprint then what the @BLUETTI has available (if they use the same idea I showed above) so I absolutely believe they could pull it off and have a device/add-on accessory that I strongly feel would sell like hot-cakes with these swap batteries. :metal: :heart_eyes: :metal:


@m.briney I have forwarded your entry to the product manager of SwapSolar, and she highly praised your creativity! Hopefully, this SwapMod can be realized in the near future. :v:


Ohh that would be soo AMAZING!!! And my fingers are definitely crossed as I could see this being a huge hit! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


This would be a real game changer. Count me it to back this on kickstarter :slight_smile:


I totally agree @Colm !! It would make this b70 expansion SwapSolar batteries VERY useful in many different usecases!! Fingers crossed it comes to tuition!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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