#BLUETTISwapSolar a few more ideas

We thought of a few items we’d find useful when spending the week in the mountains.

  1. Portable Solar Kitchen: A compact, foldable cooking station with a built-in induction cooktop powered by the hot-swappable battery. It’s perfect for camping, tailgating, or emergency situations, providing a reliable way to prepare hot meals without a fixed power source.

  2. All-in-One Outdoor Entertainment System: A portable system that includes a projector, speakers, and screen, all powered by the hot-swappable battery. It’s perfect for outdoor movies, presentations, funny slideshow while having friends around, or gaming sessions, offering entertainment away from traditional power sources.

  3. Thermal Blanket: A lightweight, battery-powered thermal blanket to provide extra warmth during cold mountain nights. The blanket could use energy-efficient heating technology to maximize battery life.

  4. Emergency Disaster Kit: A robust, waterproof case containing essential communication devices, a medical kit, lighting, and a small water purifier, all powered by the battery pack. It’s crucial for immediate response in disaster scenarios, providing basic needs for survival.

We also like our little greenhouse, and it made us think of a Smart Garden System: A mobile, solar-powered unit for urban gardening, featuring automated watering, nutrient delivery, and growth monitoring, all powered by the battery pack. It’s ideal for balconies or small spaces, promoting sustainable living.

MyFood is a nice project that we’re imagining to copy (DIY), and given the lower power consumption, it’s a perfect candidate for pure direct-current use, that bypasses the need for wires, AC, or inverters:


Thanks for the ideas!