Bluetti's AC200 RV setup

Our solar generator setup. Bluetti AC200 (not P) - Plug the shoreline into a 30amp receptacle (outside) wired with 10/3 to a 20amp plug inside that goes into an AC outlet on the Bluetti. I have 2 Bluetti folding panels 120w each in series that so far have produced about 195 watts with good sun. That adds to the brick charger 390-400w which gets it back up to 100% in about 3 hrs. (Running the on board generator- when sun isn’t there) The AC200 will run EVERYTHING in the RV, all night without a problem. No noise. It does get a 100-400w draw when we’ve been using the RV house batteries (2 12v agm’s) all day. But after about 3-4 hour’s the LP fridge controls are the only draw at about 60w.
My 2 hqst panels 100w each drops the amps delivered (mismatched watts) but when I get 2 new connectors so I can wire series-parallel I think I’ll get the max in that configuration. The Bluetti works perfectly so far. We are happy campers ;)
Watch for video on YouTube soon “TP on a roll” has started a channel to chronicle our full time (winter) RV adventure’s. Feel free to subscribe, we’re not pro’s yet but the goal is to be. :slight_smile:
We boondock about 98% of the time so the AC200 keeps our gas fired generator quiet other than when it needs a charge.


Looks great and a perfect task for the Bluetti. I saw a similar 400 to 600 watt load pulled from the AC to DC converter charger on my last trailer until the house batteries topped off…you may want to consider a 90 degree plug on the end of the AC cord you plug into the AC200 AC outlet. This would give you a straight downward pull and place less stress on the AC200 outlet as well as allowing the cable to lay flat against the ac200



My RV also already have the 300ah total AGM batteries and 200W solar panels. I mainly use ac200 to augment the AGM battery system because I do not want to run down the AGM batteries more than 50%. I let ac200 take care of my power need for a microwave, a toaster oven and a k-cup coffee machine. It works very well. For charging, I use both the ac out and 12v out from my AGM batteries system because they can be charged by the solar panels as well as the alternator. With both combined, I can get 500wh of charging to ac200. So ac200 can be charged up pretty quickly.

Ac200 can power up my 13,000 btu AC too if I connect its ac output to the 30am shore power inlet outside. Similar to you, I like to be able to plug ac200’s ac out to the shore power line from inside the van. Mine is not as lucky as you to easily route the 10/3 wires to the outside. My RV’s 110v circuit breakers are inside the van. I am thinking to cut the shore power line before it connects to the breaker and add a transfer switch and a 20 amp socket inlet for ac200 to plug in.


I like the 90° plug idea. Home Depot didn’t have one when I was looking. I pulled a little more wire through the wall so it has more slack and makes it easier to get to the solar connection. That aviation plug is a pain to line up blind.

I’m sorry to be so ignorant but why not just plug the rv’s 30 amp cable into the 30 amp outlet on the Bluetti? Thanks

You can do exactly that assuming your model of Bluetti is one that features a 30 amp AC outlet. Even plugging in directly, I would purchase a short 90 degree dogbone 30 amp extension so your heavy RV cord is not pulling down hard on the bluetti 30 amp socket. Unless you want the RV to be charging your coach batteries

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