BLUETTI wishes all mothers a Happy Mother's Day🌺

:sparkling_heart: This Mother’s Day, BLUETTI celebrates the incredible strength, love, and wisdom of all mothers around the world! :tulip:

Here are simple methods to express your love.:two_hearts:
:love_letter:Write a Heartfelt Note
:hugs:Give Her a Big Hug
:rainbow:Plan a Special Day
:green_salad:Cook her favorite meal

Happy Mother’s Day!:bouquet::two_hearts:


For mother’s day, we’ve planted 3 vines. What a day!
With AC200L in the car, not only could we power the tools, but also make coffee on the go!
No permanent electricity over there, and no running water… the good season has started and we have so many plans!


@Derceto How an inspiring way to celebrate Mother’s Day. :)

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