Bluetti will not verify the EB200 is their product

After seeing reviews on Amazon claiming the EB200 as offered by MillerTech is FAKE, I reached out to Bluetti directly and asked if the EB200 is a genuine product. The first response was as follows:

We currently do not have EB200 model. Thanks.

Not exactly definitive, so I followed up with this question:

Ok that is not quite the answer I was looking for. I understand you to say the EB200 is not a current product. But, has Bluetti EVER produced the EB200 (perhaps for sale and distribution by others)? Or are the units on Amazon FAKES as is claimed?

Here is the answer:

We currently do not have EB200 model. Thanks.

So again, vague and evasive. All I can gather is that the EB200 is not a current product but Bluetti will not confirm or deny that the units are genuine.


That is interesting but maybe not entirely surprising. Since the EB200 is not branded w/ the Bluetti name it may benthe RED headed stepchild. Im fairly certain it is not fake, I did some research many moons ago cause I really liked the configuration (especially the AC ports) . However I already had the AC200P and couldn’t justify buying a 2nd just for a more useful/logical AC output option. Just a suggestion you may get the answers you are looking for if you speak w/ MillerTech. I wouldn’t expect Bluetti to comment on a nonBluetti branded box. Not sure what the relationship is between them but I would take my questions abtcthe MillerTech device to MillerTech…if they are vague thencI would turn and run the other way :wink:

Actually the EB200 does carry the Bluetti name, co-branded with MillerTech. Maybe since Miller is responsible for support, Bluetti is taking this odd stance. If it’s their product, they should say so.

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I didnt recall the bluetti name but it has been awhile since I looked. That does seem odd. Got to be a backstory imo. If you get one would be interested what you think. I presume it will operate just as an AC200P.

Hi @Joules22 , The EB200 model has indeed been produced by BLUETTI, you can refer to the following link to view the online user manual.

As for the reply you received: We currently do not have EB200 model. This should mean that we are no longer producing this model (this model has been discontinued).
Thank you very much for your support and attention to BLUETTI products. Have a great day!


Thanks for the response. Your rep “Max” should have answered my question in a more direct way. I mean he was given the opportunity when I noted the EB200 was not current and then asked if Bluetti had ever produced the EB200 model.

At any rate, thanks again for the clarification and confirmation.

I just got my EB200P from ebay (bluetti_offical)…look like its still in stock…