BLUETTI Valentine's Sale is now live. Grab a gift for whom you love!

:rose:BLUETTI will be with you for the most love-filled festival of 2023. :rose:
:heartpulse:Now the Valentine’s Day Sale is here!

:love_letter:Love him/her, gift him/her BLUETTI.

AC300+B300 US$3,199.00

AC500+B300S C$5,199.00

EB3A+PV120 599,00 €

AC200MAX+B230 £3,198.00

AC200P A$2,299.00

AC200MAX+PV350 ¥265,600

:blue_heart:For more price surprises, check below!






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Thanks for sharing this @BLUETTI

Very Helpful with all the links to the different locations of the stores too!! :metal: :metal:

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When adding the b300 to cart on UK website it doesn’t show up the free ds50s. Can you please fix.

@montgomery The freebie will not appear on the order checkout page. But don’t worry, we will send you the freebie on the 21st (freebie and the order will be sent in two separate packages).
Please feel free to purchase.