Bluetti UK Customer Service Email/Telephone - are they still in business - no replies

We have been trying to get hold of Bluetti UK from whom we purchased our AC200P in September 2021 and which has now ceased working.
We have another thread where we have advised that we can no longer turn the AC200P on and only have a green light showing with no LCD screen. We have a generic answer from Bluetti Admin asking us to recalibrate the machine but as we cannot turn it on that would not be possible which we explained but have received nothing further. We have asked to return the machine but have received no answer.
We have emailed the Bluetti UK email address and and have tried the telephone number but had had no reply in three weeks.
We spent over £3000 on this generator along with 3 x 120w solar panels and now nothing works.
If anyone knows any other way of getting in contact with Bluetti can you let us know.
Thank you

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Hi @Cummins1 , We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
We have confirmed with our order support colleagues that your order for September 2021 is under responsibility of a different department. Could you please try the following email address?

I apologize again for the inconvenience and hope you will try again to contact the above email address. Thanks for your kind understanding and cooperations.