We created a new Youtube Channel BLUETTI Support for better customer support/user guidance; check it here:


Love it. Thanks for sharing this @BLUETTI

I will look for the new channel

Dear Bluetti Admin, I placed an order for Blue AC50S +1SP120 on 9 Oct 21. So far I have only received 1SP120 and I was told that Blue AC50S is out of stock. I have communicated with that I can accept Grey color which is in stock, on 18 Oct 21. I have yet to receive the grey unit. My order no is BluettiSG1035. Multiple emails to on the delivery status of the grey unit went unanswered. Appreciate if you can advise on the delivery as I have a camping trip already plan in mid November 21. tks

@Jnoman Dear Customer,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The blue AC50S is out of stock now. We will ship you a grey one on Monday. Thank you for waiting.

Great. Looking for to receiving the unit. Thanks for the support.

Don’t forget to share your trip with AC50S in our community :evergreen_tree: :tent:

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