Bluetti Solar Panel Reviews

A while back we did a comparison of all the major portable solar panels. That video was well received but we picked the SP200 as our favorite and we kept getting asked what to use if that was overkill (for the ac50s etc). We did a short followup on the SP120 and how it stacks up to the SP200. It is quite short so that I don’t retread old ground.

Our first video with comparisons of all the major players solar panels

Our more recent video highlighting the SP120


Great reviews! I recently got a pair of SP200s - such beauties! I love my SP120s so much I made portable arrays for them, which makes things so much easier for me, since the best solar potential is quite some distance from the house. I got these with the AC200 in the campaign last year.


Dang thats crazy. Neat idea and thanks very much!

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I have 4- SP120 panels and would like to build a rack for them.

Do you have any idea of what I would have to order to build it? I saw the website you linked previously where you bought the material, but I have no clue as to what to order. Maybe it would make more sense to have 2 smaller racks for 2 panels each??

Hi Mitch, sorry just seeing this. The 80/20 stuff is really expensive. I can give you the part list of mine, but it was ridiculously expensive. Since they are framed in the t-slots, it is semi-permanent. You can take them out, but it would be a pain. It was sort of fun to put together but complicated and yet logical. Very fine materials.

Have you seen Eric’s design? Check out “Scrappy”

Ground-Based Solar Panels - #33 by eric102

There are more ideas on the Facebook group page, but his idea is simple and quick, and you can leave the wood frame out and just hang the panels when you need, or put a tarp on it to keep them clean and dry.

Thanks for the reply SoulGen!

Not sure what to do but I’m thinking I’ll start off with a wood version and see how it goes. I would keep the frame in my garage and take it out as needed. I’m basically just using it for power outages which are pretty few and far between (hopefully!) but every once in awhile I take them out " to play". Mostly to run them ever once in a while to keep them in good operation.