BLUETTI Smart Home Panel Tutorial

BLUETTI Smart Home Panel Tutorial

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Nice tutorial. This looks like a great product.
I’ve downloaded the manual and watched the tutorial, but I have further questions that don’t appear to be covered:

  1. Is this panel UL Listed? (I’m sure my local permit will require this)
  2. Can I use GFCI/AFCI breakers in this panel?
  3. What manufacturers breakers are compatible?
  4. Can tandem breakers be used?
  5. What is the total bus load for the panel?
  6. If running in single phase with only one Bluetti power station, can I still utilize all circuits, or only every ‘other’ one (total of 6)?
  7. Are there any photos of the panel rather than renders were I can see examples of the wiring in use?
  8. What ‘smarts’ are in the panel to decide on power routing of grid vs battery, or is this all achieved within the Bluetti AC300 (or whatever power station)?


I anyone already has a panel and can post any more info/pics that would be great!

Hi @sparky , I have the panel installed. I currently experiencing issues with it and don’t have anything positive yet to say about this. I already returned 2 EP500/Pro that broke.

Still working with support to resolve my issues which they are very helpful thus far but no luck on the fix yet.

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Thanks @ryangamo That’s good to know. I’ll be keeping an eye on things before I decide to order.

How did you get support to even respond? I have 2 AC300’s trying to get this to work and they just don’t respond. It’s been a week now.

The tutorial dors not explain how the circuits are wired inside.

They actually responded an email to say they “currently stop selling the Smart Home Panel. And we also do not have the exact date about when it will be available again”.

I ended up going with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, which is actually an automatic transfer switch all controllable via the app. It’s is great. Shame they have proprietary connectors though.

Both Panels have their pros and cons. Hopefully Bluetti get their panel out and available again soon. I do like the flexibility of the UPS mode on the Bluetti AC300 better.