Bluetti Power Reading AC200Max

I think I have an issue with the correct power reading
I only use it for activating my Telstra WiFi Go Antenna, DC current Draw is 4 Watts, I charge to 100%

After a few days I check it and it still reads 100%, a few later still 100%, only 4 Watts right so I thought strange but OK

Next day I check it and it’s like 2%, so what is going on here, it is supposed to read
So on and So on, but it stays on 100% the bang nothing

Am I doing something wrong here as I need to have accurate power readings at all times
Please help
Cheers Steve

Hi @Antic , What is the SN code of your AC200MAX please? And whether it is 110V? I can ask the engineer to push the update to you first. You can see if this problem is solved after you update it.

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I cannot findv serial nmber anywhere
Please find atttched
It is a 240V
I am in Autralia
Cheers Steve

Hi @Antic , You can see the SN code in the display - product info.
Could you please check again? Thanks!

SN 2221001168433

Cheers Steve

Hi @Antic , Firmware update has been pushed, please open the APP to enter the interface and update it.