Bluetti New Battery - SODIUM-ION - Are we out-dated again -

Latest News - Bluetti is building a new NA300 model using Sodium-Ion battery. Help, Is it better than what I just bought, the EP500?

Here is what Wiki says about Sodium-ion Batteries:

  • Chinese manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries CATL announced in 2021 that it will bring a sodium-ion based battery to market by 2023.[62] The “first-generation” technology uses Prussian blue analogue for the positive electrode and porous carbon for the negative electrode. They claim a specific energy density of 160 Wh/kg in their first generation battery, and expect a later generation to reach more than 200 Wh/kg.[41] The company also plans to produce a hybrid solution which will integrate both sodium-ion and lithium-ion cells.[63]

Bluetti says January 2022 at the CES in Los Vegas .

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Haha, there’s always something new around the corner, right!? :slight_smile:

A couple things: I doubt it’ll be cheap (would love to see otherwise of course!) and the energy density isn’t quite there compared to lithium iron phosphate (and the other lithium chemistries). So I doubt it’ll immediately replace em. BUT the benefits of their performance in low temps are pretty great for a lot of specific use cases here, and I believe the potential for moving away from the environmental issues surrounding the lithium (and associated chemicals) supply chain are all positives.

Gotta start somewhere, and these will likely be really attractive in a few years!

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Would be interesting to see the comparison between Na Ion vs Li Ion batteries. Na is right under Li on the periodic table, so it has somewhat similar chemical properties but is heavier. Note this Na Ion setup has 3kwh in the same form factor as EP500 which has 5kwh with Li Ion. So I hope there is some specific advantage, low temp? Low cost? Etc…

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Yea I’m pretty eager to see the comparison as well!! Maybe @BLUETTI can get a nice side by side spread done up for us!!?! :wink:

Something I would love to know:

Energy Density - How much energy can we pack in current sizes?
Power Performance - What is the max charge / discharge rate like?
Cost - How much does it cost per kWh?
Longevity - How many cycles before degradation to say 80%?
Environment Range - Temperate range for charge and discharge, Li-Ion cannot be charged below 0C and that may be an issue for some

You miss one: How much does it weigh in pounds? How much does the extension (4800 kw/h) batteries weigh?

Hi there,

Thank you for your attention.
Yeah, Na300 will coming soon! More detailed info, please stay tuned~


As for myself, I nevet get any cold weather becaude I live in Puerto Rico on the 18 degree latitude, so we get only spring and summer. The lithim chemistry is just what we need, therefore we will never need a sodium based chemistry.

A Na-Ion battery may be of interest if it is lower cost. While cost of Li-Ion batteries have fallen, it is still pretty expensive. I wonder what the cost per kWh is.

The original lithium-ion cells and batteries will lower in cost in time but for large cell groupings such as electric vehicles and storage (power stations) the special monitoring systems will keep their costs high. The newer lithium-iron-phosphate cells will be the dominating chemistry for several more years since they don’t need much monitoring except temperatures in specific environments.

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Just watched a video on that. The bottom line for future use is because of the difference in energy density, only the ultra high end Teslas will get Lithium batteries, while the planned common everyday low end EVs will get Sodium Ion power, with much less driving range, lower top speed, more frequent charging, etc. But the batteries will be cheaper.

Wonder if you’ll need to buy expansion batteries when you want to drive to another city? :stuck_out_tongue:

What ever happened to the ‘Salt water’ battery system? It was supposed to be the future of home power, but it needed it’s own room in a house because it was so big.

It’s Las Vegas! :grin::smiley::wink: