Bluetti must have changed the 6 digit password for more power

I would appreciate the new password.

I deleted most of this post (seems I’m not allowed to delete the whole thread).
I must have been having a senior moment because I forgot all about “PV Priority.” It won’t pull power from the Grid until the SOC drops below my setting. D’uh.
Sorry about that.

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Hi @St8kout

To you mean the pasword for unlock a higher current?
because 10 amps equal, even with only 110V, 1100W. This should be seen in the App.

The behavior in the side note can be normal, if i understand it right. Different SoC levels have different charging speeds. It started slow, when the battery is completly drained. Somewhere in the middle is the sweetspot for maximum charging power and at the end it charged again slower.

What doenst make sense is, when plug in AC, that PV produce more. 40% SoC shouldnt the value to throttle charging already.

@BLUETTI_CARE Any idea about this?


@St8kout The password is 88888888. This code is used to change the current, so it should be clear that you must make sure your grid is corresponding to this specification. Otherwise, it may cause a safety hazard. Please pay attention to electricity safety.

When setting the input current for charging, although the current can be adjusted successfully, the entered number will not be retained and the APP will always display 1A. After this problem, AC500 will push firmware in batches. After upgrading the firmware of AC500, the APP display will be synchronized.

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@St8kout Can you also check to see what firmware versions your AC500 and b300S batteries are at and possibly add up a screenshot? You can check to see if there’s updates available by connecting to the head units via Bluetooth.

Says I’m up to date.

I barely managed to get the B300s back to 100% SOC just as the sun went down.
Problem is, that same battery has already fallen to 10% lower than the other 5 batteries. It was much worse before; it was some 15% lower all the time, and when charging, as the other batteries were 99%, it was around 85% and went from Charging to Standby mode (???).
I moved it from being 1st in a string of 3 to last, but it hasn’t made much difference.

Ahh okay, so its about the SoC difference. I do have a similar problem with the AC300, where SoC of the two B300 are different about 10% to 15%. So its a known problem. Sometimes it charged the B300 Battery thats already fuller than the other one.

But didnt found any solution yet in the forum threads for it.


Battery calibration used to correct some of this, but I’m wondering if the software needs adjusting. Why would my B300s go into Standby at 85% while the 5 other batteries are still charging when at 99%?


@St8kout Yea looks like everything is up to date. hmm… lets see. If its a single battery that is having this issue, I would try to take out this “troubled child” battery, and try cycling it by itself. Then, with all batteries top-balanced/charged to 100% SOC, add it back in to the mix? If you are still experiencing the imbalance after the cycling process, I would reach out to @BLUETTI_CARE and see what they have to say. Keep us posted!