Bluetti Indiegogo AC200 Battery Chemistry?

I was having trouble finding information about the chemistry of my AC200 that I purchased from the Indiegogo campaign (NOT the AC200P, which clearly states is LiFePO4), so I recently reached out to Bluetti support and was reassured by email that the AC200 I purchased from the Indiegogo campaign has the safer lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) chemistry. However, on the original Bluetti Indiegogo AC200 campaign website FAQs, they state that the AC200 battery chemistry is an “LG Vehicle Grade lithium-nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA) cell,” not lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Please see the attached screenshot, following FAQ response and website link below:

“What kind of the battery chemistry is used?
• AC200: LG Electric Vehicle Grade lithium battery cell (NCA)”…B_4l83yMMVb4sh6uiAvbggRQSnsaAtFTEALw_wcB#/faq

Given that the information I got from Bluetti support (battery chemistry is LFP) contradicts what is stated on their Indiegogo campaign website (battery chemistry is NCA), I am still confused. Does anyone know for sure…?

  1. Does the AC200 from the Indiegogo campaign have a lithium nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA) chemistry or a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry?

  2. Is lithium NCA the same as lithium LiFePO4? My understanding is that these are different types of lithium-ion battery chemistries, with LFP being less prone to thermal runaway.

Thank you in advance for anyone’s insight into this.

@gzakwon After confirming with IndieGoGo team, the crowdfunded AC200 was an LG cell, ternary lithium battery.
But the latter version has been fully replaced with lithium iron phosphate batteries.