Bluetti-EU refuses support for faulty EB3A

My latest contact with Bluetti-EU support ended most frustrating. When I asked for help because my brand new EB3A repeatedly shuts down without cause when in UPS-mode, their ignoring response was “we recommend you to contact the supplier or reseller for maintenance”.
Did Bluetti give up totally in trying to fix this UPS-problem and do they really believe resellers are more capable than Bluetti themselves …?
Or is it their official policy to provide support only when purchased directly from Bluetti?

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Where did you buy it from? If it is an authorized seller then the manufacture warranty should apply and Bluetti EU should help. By the way, I have 3 EB3A and 2 of them have the “overload” issue when operating on UPS mode with AC loads around 20-30W. So you are not the only one. Some say a firmware update may help, but it didn’t for me, still overloads at 30W after a few hours or few days even after update to DSP .12

If you seller accepts refunds, you can try to return it to them.

Hi snowstorm, thanks for your reply.
Yes, they “should” help. Never experienced before that a manufacturer prefers to take back faulty units rather than eliminating the root cause of all the trouble once and for all and provide working(!) fixes… And the most irritating thing in my eyes: what kind of enterprise ethics is it to simply leave the burden with the reseller rather than showing ambition to do one’s utmost to fix obvious quality failures and generate lasting customer satisfaction.

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@psblue May I ask where you bought it? Please send me the purchase platform and order number. I will try to help you coordinate the process.

Darf ich fragen, wo Sie es gekauft haben? Bitte senden Sie mir die Kaufplattform und die Bestellnummer. Ich werde versuchen, Ihnen bei der Koordinierung des Vorgangs zu helfen.

There are two routes to warranty.

  1. Your seller/shop needs to give you the warranty that you have by law. In most EU countries this is at least two years. It is your job to bring the product back to the seller and protect it from shipping damage. If the seller does not have the ability to repair or replace it themselves it is their responsibility to outsource this. As customer you only need to return the product to the shop you bought it.

If the seller can’t repair the product you have the right of a new replacement product.
If the seller can’t repair or replace the product you have the right to cancel your purchase for a full refund. (Because the seller failed to deliver a product that meets reasonable expectations)

  1. Any manufacturers warranty. This is an additional warranty not covered by EU law. (Under EU law you need to go back to your seller) But if Bluetti offers an additional manufacturer’s warranty they can handle this themselves, including additional services like collect-and-return or warranty repair on-site. Your warranty documentation should provide the details on how to use the manufacturer’s warranty.

As customer you can choose if you want to get warranty via your seller or (if available) with the manufacturer. If your seller is out of business, the manufacturer’s warranty may be your only option.

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Good morning,

the unit was bought from, a trustfull German reseller,

Order# AU202319598

serial# EB3A2240001505211



Thank you for the order information. I have submitted it to the business department. I will let you know once I receive the solution

I’m wondering of there are updates available that could perhaps fix the problem.

The App shows

ARM Version v2063,02

DSP Version v2052,07

and does not react when I try to initiate updates.

Any feedback on this?




Just had a chat with my reseller. He told me that somebody from Bluetti requested a video as evidence which shows the instant when the power station shuts down.

Is that a serious request? Does somebody doubt my complaint and how is that recording supposed to work?

Unfortunately the device does not announce upfront that it is going to shut down in a second … I would need to position an extra camera in front of the power station and have it running for hours, day and night.

There is no fixed pattern or schema when the device fails, it just happens occasionally. I wished it would not …

I will resend the device to my reseller and I do hope pleadingly that Bluetti is going to handle the case favorably and straightforwardly.



What kind of shutdown are you getting?
Does it say “overload” and the AC output is off, where the UPS light is flashing?
I was running 2056.10 and the tech pushed 2056.12 which didn’t help

It doesn’t seem to make sense that they ask you to send a video to catch the instant when it shuts down. I was requested to send pictures of before and after, no catching in the act required. I was in contact with Bluetti service and they issued me a refund after they received the units.

Does your reseller has a no-question asked return/refund policy, if they do, just invoke that and send it back to them. Have them handle it with Bluetti, that’s what they should be there for.

the station just turns off and restarts, there is no message to be seen and that happens irregularly. Simple conclusion: you cannot trust the device.

When you say shut off and restart, you mean the AC out put turns off and then back on? So whatever you plug into it experiences an intermittent power outage and resets?

I think these EB3A are being advertised and used for a purpose which they are not well designed for. You and I are using these are 24/7 UPS, which is a function they were advertised for and even has a UPS indicator on it. However, they don’t seem very stable in that configuration, you have a reset issue, I have overload and overheat issue. It looks like they were designed for occasional use portable batteries inverters that can be charged in many ways. Realistically, being such a small ~250wh battery, it really isn’t good for that. But they were excellent UPS (if they work reliably). Some units seems to be good, but it looks like you and me don’t have one of them.

Maybe you can push them for an exchange, or perhaps it is better to seek a refund and wait for the next iteration to come out. I bought 3 of these, 2 are overloading and the last one would overheat if I use it anywhere that is warm at all (all in UPS mode).

@psblue Because each dealer has their own after-sales policy, we officially can’t deal with it, which may break the agreement between us and the dealer.
But as you said, this is a very trustworthy dealer, then I believe they are going to provide after-sales service. Since the dealer has already dealt with you about further processing options, please continue to communicate with the dealer.
And we found this website selling at a very low price, we do have a low price alert on the official website.

Also, we have not found information about this dealer at the moment. If we find the corresponding sales, we will inform them about this matter and hope they can deal with it as soon as possible.

With regards to rpicing:

You need to know that German government is fostering privat investments in solar and other non-fossil energie.

Home-used equipment can be sold without value added tax.

not only the AC-outlet shuts off, the complete power station turns off.

From what Ive gathered from reading the forums you must understand the ups on the eb3a is for backup only, not intended to run constantly. Try depleting the battery to 0% and recharging to 100% to reset your system. Good luck with EU. I’ve had fast and helpful reponse from Canada in this forum.
Good luck!

Thanks Jazzy. The first self-shutdown happened already after a 15 minutes runtime, next run lasted a couple of hours … you never know when the unit is going to say goodbye. Where is the threshold to “constant use”?

A backup system is supposed to protect you from a potentially weak primary system. The manufacturer does not explicitly limit the machine’s reliability in UPS-mode, therefore I’m not willing to accept any failure.

In the meanwhile my reseller agreed to send me another unit. It’s always the very last link in the supply-chain who has to handle failures other elements of the chain are responsible for.

Same problem, same seller, same ARM and DSP Version. In the beginning the station worked fine, now it shuts off completely during loading my mobile or tablet. Power station with more than 50%, tablet stopped loading at 22%. The station can be waked-up in connecting the AC charger cable. Nothing else works.
I used the USBA output several times, used the AC output for a 500W household mixer two times, load via Solar Panel 100W 18V. No irregular use.
Contact to seller … will see what happens.

Yesterday: Seller forwarded to
Bluetti Overseas Distributor Support Center
—Return & Exchange of Customer Service
They requested video (smile), after refusing they suggested firmware update … still waiting for that.

Got firmware update DSP V2052,10 … mobile loaded without crash…