Bluetti EP500

I have 2 bluetti’s and when i have a power outage i have noticed that the master bluetti has more power than the Slave bluetti when its in use, why is that!?

This may be due to the imbalance in the load power of the master and slave devices. Because the power load on one side is larger, the power consumption will be faster.

It is recommended that you try to keep the load power on both sides similar, and also set the input current to be consistent so that they can charge synchronously. This will generally solve the problem.

Thank you for your response…. However How do I do that .
Can you send me a step by step process!?

It’s best if the power of the loads connected to the master and slave units are as consistent as possible. For example, have the master and slave both connected to around 1500W; try to avoid having one connected to 1500W and the other to 1000W, as this will result in a large difference in the load power between the two units, and thus a large difference in their power levels.

Adjust the input current of the master and slave units to be consistent. The current password for the screen is 159873. For example, set both the master and slave to 10A; try to avoid setting the master to 10A and the slave to 15A.