Bluetti EB70s Error code

I was planning on taking my EB70s on a camping trip, so I tried out my air pump on it. It runs for a few seconds, wattage shows around 170w, then it stops and display says short. I tried on all the AC plugs at 50Hz and 60Hz, with Eco mode on or off. I also tried plugging the air pump into a meter plugged into a wall and the values are 1.6 amps, 119 v, 196.5w. My understanding is these are well within the specs of the EB70s so I don’t know why it is shorting. I posted the issue earlier on the official Bluetti forums and was advised to check for an error code by the Bluetti Admin. I did what was instructed and this is the error displayed on my EB70s:

U150 E008

Does anyone know what this means? Is my battery pack defective?

Hi @KobiyashiMru , Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you please try the following? Remove the device load, reboot and see if you can clear SHORT and use it again.
Try with another device to see if it works again. If it still doesn’t work, then you need to contact support for a return and exchange process.