Bluetti EB70S DC Output

I’m considering purchasing a Bluetti EB70S. Can someone help me with the DC outputs on the unit. According to the description it has 3 DC outputs; 2regulated 12V/10A DC outputs, 112V/10A car port. Obviously I understand the car port, aka cigarette lighter.

What are the other two ports?
What type of cable would be connected to them?
Could I wire from one of those ports to a 12V fuse block (black and red ring terminals)?
Do each of the three ports provide 10 amps or is it 10 amps combined?

Thanks in advance.

it’s the two round plug between the car port and USB A.
(DC 5521)

I am new to owning Bluetti products and would also be interested to know more about what these ports can be used for. Maybe others could let us know what they connect to them?