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Buenos días.
Tengo una estación de carga modelo EB70 que recibí el 18/7/2022 con número de pedido SPF-ES-1308 y ha dejado de funcionar. La he usado solamente un par de veces para probar que funciona bien, cargando pequeños dispositivos y con una televisión y no me ha dado ningún tipo de problema. Pero ahora he ido a ponerla a cargar para tenerla siempre operativa, y en la pantalla aparece la palabra SHORT en rojo, y no funciona ninguno de los puertos de salida ni la linterna, si pulso cualquier botón no funciona nada, ni se enciende la pantalla. Si la enchufo a la red en modo de carga, se enciende la pantalla durante unos segundos, mostrando el nivel de la batería y la palabra SHORT, pero sigue sin funcionar los puertos de salida ni la linterna, ni reaccionan los botones.
Agradecería cualquier ayuda. Saludos.

I have an EB70 model charging station that I received on 7/18/2022 with the order number SPF-ES-1308 and it has stopped working, I have sent an email to sat bluetti and I am waiting for a response. I have only used it a couple of times to test that it works well, charging small devices and with a television and it has not given me any type of problem. But now I have gone to put it on charge to have it always operational, and the word SHORT appears in red on the screen, and none of the output ports or the flashlight work, if I press any button nothing works, nor does the screen turn on . If I plug it into the mains in charging mode, the screen lights up for a few seconds, showing the battery level and the word SHORT, but the output ports and the flashlight still don’t work, and the buttons don’t react.
I would appreciate any help.

Hi @Jostor4713 , Based on this problem, we recommend that you.
Remove all loads, reboot and see if it clears and works again (try with other devices loaded).
If it does not work again, press and hold the three buttons (AC and two DCs) at the same time with the “short” and see if a fault code appears.

By the way, may I know which email (specific email address) did you contact our support department? I will let them check. Thanks!

Thank you very much for responding so soon. The email to which I have written is Maybe it’s too soon to receive a response, I sent the email only two days ago.
On the other hand, I have tried what you have recommended and it does not work, it does not turn on the screen when I press buttons, it only turns on the screen when I put the powerstation to charge, and if I press all three buttons at this point, no error code appears.

Bluetti’s attention has been very fast. Finally after verifying, through a video that they requested me, that the powerstation does not work, they have asked me to return it and they are going to replace the unit. I look forward to receiving it and if everything goes well I will comment here.
Thank you very much.

I’m writing again because, although I was very happy with bluetti’s quick response to my problem, I haven’t heard from them in days. I sent my powerstation to Bremen to be processed under warranty and by the tracking number I know that it was delivered to the sat. But I haven’t received any response, I don’t know anything else. I wrote an email, 5 days ago, asking for the replacement of the powerstation, but I have not received any response. I appreciate any help on this.

@Jostor4713 @BLUETTI can you look into this please? Customer would like tracking update on the new unit. TIA

Hi @Jostor4713 , sorry for late reply.
Could you please let us know your order number and your email address you sent the support department via private message? That way I can ask them to prioritize your emails. Thanks again for your cooperation

I just received a tracking number from the DPD company.
Thank you very much.

Greetings. I have already received the new powerstation. Thank you all very much for the attention.

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hello, I also have such a problem, how can I send you a station under warranty

Good day!
I bought a BLUETTI EB70 station from your store on 11/24/2022.
It’s been less than a month and I have a problem. While using the station, it simply turned off and did not want to turn on again. AC and DC stopped working. The flashlight also does not work.
I tried pressing 3 buttons at the same time, but unfortunately nothing happens.
I also tried connecting and disconnecting various devices, but the station does not respond.
The station reacts only when power is connected. The screen lights up, but no keys work.
I sent the video and photo to the email

I hope that a miracle will happen on Christmas and you will help me solve this problem.

I’m from Ukraine and I don’t have much free time. I wrote a message to your email. you can speed up the processing of my message.
Purchase number #SPF-IT2893

@BLUETTI @m.briney

Which email address did you send to us please? Based on your order number, we suggest that you send an email to I will check with the relevant support staff and ask them to reply to your email as soon as possible.

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I have the same issue with EB70. Local service of Bluetti in Kyiv told that it was not guarantee episode (after 2 weeks of consulting with Bluetti support) and now i’m waiting for price for repair.

Доброго дня, підскажіть в який сервіс звернулись і які результати ремонту і ціна?

@BLUETTI @m.briney

I sent the message again. but unfortunately no one answered me
I will be grateful for your help , I have been waiting for an answer for more than 7 days

Purchase number #SPF-IT2893

@RomaNN Sorry for your troubles! I reached out to them and hopefully you will get a response here soon. It is the weekend over there now… so it might be Monday before they can get to it.

Thank you for paying attention to me! I hope they will contact me

@RomaNN theyll get you taken care of. :metal:

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