Bluetti EB70 Selbstentladung (Self-Discharge)

Hi all - having an EB70 since 3 months now - very happy with it in the motorhome - but after charging to 100% an not using the powerstation for 2 weeks it is completely emty. Is that normal?

Hallo - habe die EB70 jetzt seit ca. 3 Monaten und bin für die Nutzung im Wohnmobil sehr zufrieden.
Wenn ich sie allerdings nicht benutze ist sie nach einer 100% Volladung in ca 2 Wochen komplett selbstentladen - ist das normal?

Gracie :wink:

no, i have 2 EB70 and one at 100% sleeping since 1 month and it’s full 100%.
Are you sure AD and DC are off ?

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If you powered it down completely then loss from the battery itself should be trivial.

If you’re leaving the power on, or worse still leaving AC on then there’s a running cost which will quickly drain the battery.

I don’t know about the EB70 but my AC200 Max draws 5w when powered up, and 22w if I leave AC switched on. So using that as an example, with AC on 22 x 24 = 528wh draining from the battery per day. So that’d be the first thing to verify - that everything is powered down.

Failing that, I’d have thought a problem with the battery?

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I’ve just had another thought - if there’s a solar panel feeding it then it’s possible the light is switching on the unit but there isn’t enough to actually generate anything?

This happens with my AC200Max if i’m not careful. In the morning, the unit will wake up the moment day breaks (light switches it on). But on a cloudy day there isn’t enough sun to put any energy into the battery. The unit waking up has a 5w running cost. So if it was left for 2 weeks in winter and there was no sun hitting the panels it could lose 14 x 24 x 5 = 1.68kwh in a fortnight. Similar could happen if you were parked in shade?

I’m wondering about putting a switch on the cable leading into the unit so that I can disconnect it from the panels when I know there isn’t going to be enough sunlight to generate more energy than the system is using to generate it!!

I hope that explanation makes sense!!