Bluetti EB70 charging only to 80% after draining to 0%

Hi, bought the Bluetty EB70 EU version a week ago. It was charging okay the first few times (at least the indicator showed 100% charge). Then once I drained it to 0% and after that, it charged only to 80%. What could be the reason and how it is possible to fix it? I can not send it to service, cuz I’m leaving in Ukraine and bought it from Germany. Maybe there is some ability top calibrate the battery indicator or enable again charging to 100%?


Hello, I have noticed the same issue with my Bluetty EB70 today. I am interested in an answer.

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had the same problem with my BLUETTI PowerOak EB55, I have been using it since December and yesterday I noticed that it only charges up to 80%

After 2-3 charging of Bluetty EB70 issue is gone, and now it charging to 100%.

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Did you fully discharge it?

Yes, I did. Every time I am charging my power-station fully. But I noticed that 3-4 times suborder it charged only to 80% and after reaching 80% charger stopped charging. So I reported this incident. But this issue is gone, I don’t know how)

Folks, I solved the mystery. Just Google “Bluetii EB70 Eco mode”.

For me as well issue disappeared after a few times charges. Now it’s charging to 100% each time - maybe just some bug with battery indicator calibration.
Also was thinking about eco mode and disabled it first of all but this was not helping and looks like it’s more about auto switching off sockets in case of low usage: What is ECO Mode on the EB70 - #2 by Mark.