Bluetti EB55 Unboxing & First Impressions

I did an unboxing and first impressions video for the EB55. A full video is coming soon after my next trip with it.

Check out the video here


Thanks for this excellent video. This is how reviews should be. At least initial reviews. Short and sweet with all the details. The unboxing part is mercifully short, lol. I look forward to your next review, once you’ve put it through its paces. It basically takes everything great about the AC50s and the EB70 and puts it into my new favorite mid-size sogen. Love the dual charge capability. :smiley:


Thank you very much!

Excellent updated review of the EB55, thank you Rhino! Now I want to get one :smiley:. I agree w/ @SoulGen you do a fantastic job on your YouTube reviews especially for those who are ‘familiar’ enough w/ sogens and we just need the highlights…PERFECT amount of info IMO. If someone needs more details they can find more in depth info ‘out there’.

BTW, curious what brand DC frig were you using (sorry haven’t looked at ur other vids yet, maybe u cover it but did subscribe :wink:) and how long could u run it on EB55 w/o recharging the EB55.

Thanks for contributing here in this community. For those of us who don’t use Facebook it’s nice to see feedback here. Thx

Thanks! It is an Iceco vl60 dual zone fridge/freezer. That is a hard metric to pin down as it is hugely reliant on the temp you set, the room temp and how much you have in the fridge. I can go 8-10 hours no problem and usually end up around 40% power at that point. I plug in my SP200 panel w/ my EB55 when i’m camping and the device is 40%~ in the morning and 100% by mid day. Sorry I don’t have a more specific answer.


@Rhino good enough answer for me, thx