Bluetti EB55 included solar charging cable - MC4 connectors are wrong?

Hi there,

Looking at the manual for the Bluetti EB55, it shows the solar charging cable with the “PV+” side having a male MC4 connector. As the male MC4 connector is usually positive, this suggests the provided Bluetti cable has the MC4 polarities reversed to how and MC4 connector is supposed to be used? I would expect the PV+ end of the Bluetti solar charging cable to be a female MC4 to accept the positive / male MC4 output of a solar panel.

Is the manual incorrect, or is the supplied charging cable indeed wired backwards to convention?


@JMR I’m sorry the indication on the MC4 plug is wrong. Please refer to the below picture.

Okay then. The provided photograph of the cable is not the same as in the EB55 manual that is online. The manual is incorrect, but the photograph is all good. The charge controller positive input has a negative MC4 connector, which is how it should be. That’s a relief, as I though I was going to have to make an adapter, or change some connectors to solar charge the EB55.

@JMR I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If you have further question, feel free to ask me.