Bluetti EB55 High Pitch noise - USB-C

Unable to establish the high frequency noise when charging my Asus Netbook Flip 13 laptop from the USB-C PD 100W connection on the Bluetti EB55.
The laptop charger provides (5V@3A,9V@3A,15V@3A,20V@3.25A.)
The Bluetti USB-C provides (5v@3A,9V@3A,15V@3A,20v@3A,20v@5A).
The Bluetti EB 55 charges the laptop around 54W with an alternating high pitch frequency noise .
I have tried 2 different connecting USB-C male to male PD 100W cables with the same problem.
I have used the same setup on lower wattage devices (Lenovo Chromebook and various Mobiles and the problem disappears.
Any ideas ?

Jedi, I don’t have an answer to your question, but I am curious how you select the voltage on the USB-B PD1 output? I want to be able to use the USB-C PD output on my laptop. I was thinking about purchasing a ZY12PDN PD DC Decoy Detection board. Any input.

Hi Ben, I am no expert on these matters, but I was only illustrating the ‘available’ power output from the Bluetti EB 55 USB-C PD 100 W and the power input to my laptop.The power outputs are not selectable but in this case my laptop will automatically select the appropriate voltage and current it needs from the Bluetti EB 55 USB-C PD 100W output connection. I hope that helps.

OK, I got it. I don’t think my PC is capable of that, so I will probably buy an expensive device that allows the user to select the voltage. Thanks…