Bluetti EB3A not charging with solar panel


I just bought a Bleutti EB3A with the solar pv120 kit.
Nothing works, the input led just keep flashing with no watts coming in…

I did install the application for phone and update firware… nothing change.

I look on the interet and it’s looks like a common issue…I’am asking now for a full refund and very desapointed about the product. still 890.00 with the solar panel

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Hi, do you have a multimeter to measure the open circuit voltage of the solar panel? It should measure around 24.4V in full sun. Are the solar panels pointing towards the sun and is it cloudy?

Use the Bluetti app to update the ARM firmware to .11. That fixes solar input charge issue.

Thanks all for your help.

Still, this model is not useful. Too low capacity and the battery is drain so fast even with 40 watt output… 5 hours
I have to return this EB3A to change for another model maybe…
Company sales and support are very difficult to reach, It’s another huge issue


One question

We have a way to extend this model EB3A to have more power ? If yes how you will do it ?


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