Bluetti EB3A Not Charging After full discharge

After full discharge, and after can’t charging through the AC…

But if you connect it via a car DC, the screen turns on with a 100% charge (photo). But the buttons don’t work. In the application, you can turn on the DS and the flashlight (but the flashlight itself does not light up). Also, there is an error message in the application (screenshot).

If you connect DS and AC together, everything does not charge evenly.

It seems that the system does not understand that it is fully discharged. Is it possible to completely reset the station?

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how long did you let your EB3a sit after reaching 0% state of charge?

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  1. After full discharge, after 5 minutes I put it on the charger (AC)
  2. The station was on charge for about 10 hours (AC), and it never turned on

Are you able to access the app and try an update on the firmware if you have not already done so?

On the firmware screen, the version number is simply displayed. No new updates

Use DUAL Charging for 12 Hours WITHOUT pressing and Button- so this Problem will be solved!
I had same Problem! Do not Trust the Display!

thank you, but I have already sent it to the service center