Bluetti EB3A INPUT/MPPT connector

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I am searching for a Bluetti EB3A INPUT/MPPT DC connector. I want to connect my GoalZero 100W solar panel but the connectors doesnt seem to be compatible. From my observations the bluetti connector has an inner diameter of 5mm (7.9x5.0mm?)? the Goal zero has 7.9x5.5mm
Also I have a third party 100W solar panel with standard MC4 connectors, at one point I was thinking of using also this to charge the Bluetti, so an additional connector-addapter from MC4 is needeed. Where can I purchase such a connector, or what type is it?
Is not DC7909, DC8020 from what I saw the specifications.

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@cosmin The input port of EB3A is DC7909. If the third party solar panel has a standard MC4 combination, then it can be directly connected to our PV charging cable to charge EB3A.

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hello Bluetti,

thank you very much for the info.