Bluetti EB3A did anyone used a nespresso machine with it?

Hi. i got an EB3A and so far i like this little beast of a power station. I am planning to power an off grid cabin with no electricity with it. I will also hook up an 12V 1000Wh car battery to it and buy two 100W solar panels forccharging. I will be there from afternoon to sunrise some days not all day.
I wanted to ask if anyone did successfully used a nespresso coffee machine with it? I was looking at the essenza mini which should be an 1200W one and i successfully used an eta lacco 550W milk frother and an 650W water kettle in one go with it which worked flawlessly. So i would like to ask if someone did successfully used a nespresso machine with it or some other kind of coffee pod machine? Thank you.

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Two devices simultaneously @1200w on the EB3A? Wow. Being a newbie I wouldn’t have even considered it. I have a Breville Oracle Touch (1500w) that I run with one of my AC180s, but haven’t tried anything near 1200w on my EB3A. I look forward to the replies of those more experienced than I.

At least for the 230V variant this is not a good idea.

EB3A is rated for 600W and 1200W peak for a few seconds (in total for all plugs).

Everything that turn electricity into some kind of heat need a huge amount of energy to operate. Coffee machines, Water heaters etc. all of this isnt meant to work with EB3A

Yes i used it simultaneously even took a photo of it it consumed some % of the battery it got down to 55% from 80% and the second photo was taken about 6 minutes after the first one. I tried uploading the two photos here but it says new users can only upload one. Sorry for the mess i had everything on my desk.

I concur with what @Selfmadestrom said.

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I have tried a Nespresso with a EB3A but it didn’t work even in power mode. A 600Watt water heater worked well.

Thank you. Then i think i will use this for only led lights a 12v fridge and a led projector and for the nespresso i will buy a 12v lifepo4 battery with a more powerful inverter.

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